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A passionate yoga Practitioner with a vision to spread the goodness of yoga and meditation with you all , Let’s get set on the Mat
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We Support Individuals to Live Happy, Healthy, & Purposeful Lives. 

Online Group Session

We have made yoga classes accessible at home for all. Just join our online Yoga Session with a click of a button.

Whether you’re an amateur yogi or an expert yoga practitioner, you can join regular Morning Yoga Sessions on Zoom.

We offer beginners an excellent opportunity who want to practice Yoga to attain mental and physical balance and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Kick-start your day with Multi-styled Yoga and re-discover your body and soul.

Let’s get started on the quest to find balance and bliss through YOG with YogBharti.

Corporate Yoga and healing Workshop

“Individual balance leads to the organizational balance.”

And there is nothing better than Yoga for achieving a higher level of productivity while enhancing work-life balance.

Yoga is beyond those funky poses, headstands, and stretching. Yoga is a holistic approach to attaining mental and physical balance, which has become a rarity in today’s lifestyle.

Progressive business enterprises are unearthing Yoga’s effectiveness is increasing productivity and widely incorporating yoga workshops in their curriculum.

Our Corporate Yoga services are designed to help corporate institutes and businesses bring balance and harmony to their workplaces and make it more productive.

Personal Yoga Session

Yoga practice has always been a very sacred and private practice.

Taking a private yoga session is the best way to perfect yoga asanas and do away with the hassle of hurting yourself.

You can take private yoga sessions at our studio or your location. We also provide online and offline yoga sessions at your comfort.

Our flexible yoga schedule allows one to customize sessions as per their level, practice, and timing.



Your life of Yoga



Enrich your life with Yoga and Meditation
Are you someone on the quest to find balance in life or simply find a moment of peace and harmony amidst the chaos? At YogBharti, I strive to help fellow practitioners and beginners kick start their journey to renewed energy and relaxation through yoga.

Take a look at the amazing experience & ask yourself the question?

Photo Gallery

Our Special Photo Gallery Can Help You to Find What We Do.

Other Services

Hatha Yoga is the perfect Choice ,Yoga will surely transform you, find your reason to join

Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation consists of 12 yoga poses and offers an excellent cardiovascular workout. As the name suggests, it’s the yogic way of expressing gratitude towards the SUN for sustaining life on earth.
If done regularly, Surya Namaskar has a positive impact on our mind, body, and soul.

Surya Namaskar constitutes 12 asanas, which should be practiced early morning on an empty stomach for better results.


Yoga Nindra or Yogic Sleep is a powerful meditation technique practiced to attain ultimate relaxation and consciousness. This is a systematic form of yoga to foster conscious relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce insomnia.
In Yoga Nindra, your brain is guided through four main brain wave activity stages, namely beta, alpha, theta, and delta. We aim to help you attain the hypnagogic state through meditation and yoga.


Meditation or Dhyan is a skill to be aware of one’s thoughts.

Contrary to what many believe, meditation is not about controlling thoughts but learning how to observe them.

In the Yogic context, Dhyan or meditation, is referred to as a state of total consciousness.


Pranayam is a practice of bringing balance between mind, body, and soul through breathing. All yoga practice is centered on breathing, as it’s considered to be the life force of existence. Pranayama not only affects our state of mind, but it also has an impact on our emotional well-being.
At Yog Bharti, we help practitioners sync their body, mind, and soul through pranayama.

Yoga for Weighloss

Yoga is a science of well-being, both physical and mental.

It’s an ancient Indian practice with benefits varying from stress reduction to weight loss.

Yoga asana helps the body gain flexibility, improve metabolism, and increase cardio health, which further assists in weight reduction.

Yoga Trekking

Yoga Trekking is the perfect way to experience spirituality and taste adventure. Our hiking and trekking tours are designed to allow yoga practitioners to deepen their state of awareness while traversing amidst alluring landscapes.
Our Yoga Trekking programs are open to all levels of practitioners and adventure seekers.

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  • Email: nutrition4betterlife12@gmail.com

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