Weight Loss Boot Camp 


Corporate Yoga Help us to Boot You Employee Mentally and Physically Strong

Yoga Weight Loss Bootcamp

Weight-loss boot camps are a perfect workout regime if you want to kick start your journey to a fit and better you. At YogBharti, we offer holistic weight loss boot camp that encompasses various yoga forms and a nutritious diet. 

Our 90 min boot camp is designed to help you sweat and get closer to your ideal body weight. Our exercise sessions mix various yoga asana, pranayama, mudra, sat karma, and motivation. We give special emphasis on a healthy and nutritious diet. 

How It Works?

A relaxing hour of restorative poses won’t torch a lot of calories, but an hour of power yoga can work up a real swea and a calorie burn to match.

Improve your ability

yoga improves mindfulness-and particularly mindful eating-in a way that wasn’t associated with walking, running or other types of exercise.

Looking For A Professional?

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What we are offering….?

  • Way to healthy lifestyle

  • 60 min daily yoga session

  • 30 min daily of breathing and meditation session

  • Weekly awareness program of various aspects of health

  • Healthy Grocery list

  • Cleansing programmes

  • Motivation and support system to get your health goal

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